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Our products can be applied to a wide variety of applications both for the private individual, commercial fleets, taxis, mini buses, coaches, buses, vans and trucks.

Cameras are used on many vehicles, for a variety of reasons. The principal reason is providing irrefutable evidence in the event of a staged accident or no fault accident whether that be the private motorist or commercial vehicle driver. Cameras can also be used as a driver training aid, and security for taxi drivers and passengers alike. As the cameras include battery discharge protection which is built into the cameras, they act as a perfect security camera when parked and provide evidence when somebody or vehicle damages your vehicle whilst parked.

For the motorist, whether it be in a car, taxi, van, motor home, mini bus, truck, bus or coach there is a new scam to be aware of - besides "Crash for Cash", there is a new term "Flash for Cash". This was reported recently by the BBC. The full article can be viewed at:

Drivers are being warned not to take the apparent generosity of other motorists for granted in a new take on the "Crash for Cash" insurance scam. Whilst the Highway Code states that headlights should only be used "To let other road users know that you are there", many use it as a way of inviting other road users to pull out.

In the "Flash for Cash" scam, a driver in an approaching car flashes their lights in this way, but then deliberately drives into the other vehicle. The scam is costing insurers hundreds of millions of pounds every year. It is a new tactic for an already well established crime, called "Crash for Cash", where criminals slam on the brakes for no reason so that the victim drives into the back of their car. HGV and LCV vehicles are most at risk with this type of staged accident due to the inertia of the vehicles and inability to stop quickly. Police investigators said the criminals will often remove the bulbs in their brake lights so other road users don't know they're stopping.

However, "Flash for Cash" is more devious, because it is harder to prove in court, often coming down to the innocent driver's word against the criminal's that they flashed their lights to let them out.

We offer a range of solutions from a simple single camera to two channel cameras.

For Driver Training, the instructor can instantly replay to the student any issues by simply pairing with iPad, Tablet PC or Smart Phone without having to remove the memory card. Thereby saving valuable teaching time and showing the student instantly issues regarding any missed observations or errors in their driving including over speeding with the integrated GPS.

In terms of safety some of the BarosTek and Thinkware cameras offer lane departure warnings in moments of driving fatigue. They also provide information when driving too close to the vehicle in front with collision avoidance alerts. Some of the Thinkware Dash Cams also provide speed camera alerts.

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